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Advancing the application of ceramic membranes.

Purifics has advanced water purification technology with a significant investment in R&D and an accomplished record of innovation. With 30+ patents & patents pending, chemical free AOP, 5th generation ceramic membranes, Continuous-Ultra-Filtration, chemical free De-Watering, THM prevention, automated and ultra low cost Membrane Integrity Testing, Zero Liquid Discharge, remote automation & control, Purifics continues to move forward with ongoing R&D in Desalination and PFAS solutions.

Continuous Ultra Filtration
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        is a Continuous Ultra Filtration process that is fully automated and operable at time of delivery.          has been commercially applied for drinking water since 2015. With its advanced 5th generation ceramic membrane,         removes DOC, colour, THM precursors, taste, odor, pathogens, turbidity and metals. It is LT2ESWTR compliant and ANSI 61 certified by UL.

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CUF Logo Green.png
CUF Logo Green.png
Photocatalytic AOP process

                    is the only commercialized Photo-Catalytic oxidation process. It is a chemical free AOP with a proven history of application since 1993. It destroys 1,4-dioxane and contaminants that other AOP’s cannot, making it an AOP+.                              has the strongest oxidation potential than any other commercial AOP process and a reductive pathway.

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   is an automated, chemical free, de-watering process based on ceramic membrane technology. It can produce sludge with a solids content up to 20% and has been commercially applied since 2015.

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Purifics has developed and patented the very first marker based DIT test for LT2ESWTR compliance. This displaces pressure decay (PD) DIT methods that the entire membrane market utilizes and eliminates reduced LRV certifications due to the low sensitivity of PD DIT's.

Nano Challenge Direct Integrity Testing (NCDIT)

Bench Testing.png

Bench Testing

Lab-scale water purification system for in-house testing of water samples to validate the purification challenge.

On-Site Verification.png

On-Site Pilot Verification

Pre-packaged pilots are operational at time of arrival and allow for optimization and sustained run time to replicate full-scale systems.

Purifics’ ceramic membrane is a true ceramic membrane and must not be confused with ceramic hybrids that incorporate polymeric materials. 

Superior 5th Generation

Ceramic Membrane Technology

100% ceramic membrane

​Purifics' membranes are developed to never see the light of day once installed, have a 25-year+ design life, operate at 5x conventional flux, withstand dynamic shock and eliminate issues related to extremes of temperature, pH and pressure.

Remote Control
automation with remote monitoring and control
Automation with remote control and monitoring

Automation with Remote Control & Monitoring

All systems can be remotely monitored through computers or smartphones from anywhere in the world, allowing Purifics to provide remote support. Our systems are completely automated and require monitoring, not operation thus, eliminating cost and complexity.

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