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Technology Support 

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          Economic and Performance Verification

          Process Technology

          Case Histories

         Competitive Evaluation

          Membrane Integrity Verification

On-Site Verification

                    Features and Benefits

System Procurement Methodology

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August 8th - 11th, 2022
South Point Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
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After-Sales Client Support


The purpose of WWS is to provide real time support to the client and its operators. Implementing WWS allows the client to access Purifics’ years of experience. A key element is supplied via remote monitoring which requires the client to maintain the internet connection to Purifics’ supplied equipment.

The WWS program recognizes that clients’ operators experience, confidence and availability will vary with time. Consequently, the program is designed to give the customer full flexibility and options to customize the WWS and the duration to meet their needs.


Product Education Videos

Why Cuf?

Why Photo-Cat?

Why DeWRS? - Demonstration & Explaination


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Equipment Specifications

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