Chemical Free

Photo-Catalytic Process

                 is a chemical free process that destroys organic contaminants using a TiO2 slurry-based photo-catalytic process to purify or detoxify water.                      removes chemical contaminants, biologicals, viruses, oocysts, EDC's, PPCP's, sub-micron particulate, metal and can reduce bromate back to bromide.                      has an established history of regulatory compliance since 1994.

No annual lamp replacement

No wipers

No hydrogen peroxide

No stabilizer residuals

No bromate production

No chemical oxidant storage

No UVT dependence

No THM or HAA issues

No pre-treatment requirements

Features & Benefits

Better water at lower cost

Removes color, taste and odor

Removes Pb, Hg and Cr

Disinfects and sterilizes

Broad temperature and

pressure range

Longer service interval

Lower cost structure

>99% online duty


The platform is the plant

Removes and destroys chemicals

Reduces complexity

>25 year membrane life


Absolute filter for pathogens

Compact and durable

Service intervals exceeding 20,00 hours.

​Purifics’ unique AOP+ process purifies contaminants that other AOP processes cannot through chemical free, multi-barrier innovations with multiple destruction pathways and the strongest oxidation potential. AOP+ eliminates hydroxyl radical dependency and reduces CapEx and OpEx cost structures, making it the most advanced AOP process in the world providing complete water purification solutions.

Difference between AOP and AOP+

Fully Automated with Manufacturing Excellence

       life-cycle costs are significantly less than conventional technologies. This fully automated system continuously recovers all catalyst with 24/7 duty, and high-grade stainless-steel construction with plug and play installations.                       is corrosion resistant and highly reliable using developed standard, off-the-shelf components.

                      has the strongest oxidizing potential of any commercially available AOP process and will destroy contaminants of concern that other AOPs cannot. 

Largest Photo-Catalytic AOP System in the World