Continuous Ultra Filtration

            is a 5th generation, ceramic membrane, cross flow process that has been refined through 30 years of industrial, municipal and reuse applications. These refinements have significantly reduced OpEx, CapEx and complexity over conventional filtration processes.

Better water, lower cost

The platform is the plant

ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

300 GFD on surface water

600 GFD on ground water

Lower cost structure

Fully automated; >99% duty

Continuous self cleaning


LT2ESWTR compliant

Reduced complexity

>25 year membrane life

50% less coagulant

DOC removal

5th generation

100% ceramic

Low residual requirement

100% to filtrate to distribution

99% duty

Free chlorine use

>50% lower OPEX and CAPEX

Bill 100% of water drawn

No backwash or back pulse

No clarifier

No flocculation

No membrane replacement

No filtrate loss

No CIP (clean in place)

No pre-treatment

No chloramination

No permanganate or polymer


No bubble decay test

No filter press

No temperature constraints

No pressure constraints

No pH constraints

No prorated warranty

No flux degradation

No 0.3 Micron prefilter

No irreparable fouling

Features & Benefits

           systems have a much smaller footprint with high flux, lower parts count, elimination of external cleaning processes and other unit operations such a pre-treatment.

Reduced Footprint


            technology operates in a cross-flow mode and it concentrates the coagulated solids over 100 fold in the cross-flow loop.            technology utilizes its high mass transfer/mixing from the cross-flow operation. This, coupled with the 100X concentration of coagulated solids, creates a High Solids Contact Reactor (HSCR) within the             filtration process itself, eliminating pre-treatment. The HSCR of the            coagulates contaminants in seconds and achieves significantly greater contaminant removal while using lower coagulant dosages.


Once contaminants are coagulated, they are removed with ceramic membrane filtration. The ultimate removal mechanism is robust ceramic membrane filtration technology that does not break, tear, burp or fail.

Continuous Operation

          's continuous online operation runs for weeks to months without the need to take it offline. With           's proprietary dynamic shock process, it eliminates the need for conventional backwash, back-pulse, or CIP processes which lead to membrane fouling and higher maintenance costs. With            's online and remote technology, Purifics can monitor and control the system from anywhere in the world.            's true ceramic membrane is designed with a 25-year life, and to never see the light of day again after installation.