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Design / Application Design  / Cost Analysis / Piloting / Manufacturing

Purifics was founded in 1993 to advance water and fluid purification technology to resolve difficult, demanding and recurring challenges. The initial focus was the production of high purity water for reuse in the nuclear industry, using ceramic membrane technology. These advancements were subsequently rolled out into Industrial and Municipal markets.

Application Expertise

Our diversified team of professionals identifies and resolves water purification objectives. Purifics has been solving demanding water challenges with ceramic membrane technology for almost 30 years using its FDR (Filter, Destroy, Recover) method and is able to design and deliver the complete solution. In-house skills include engineering support, modeling, cost analysis, onsite piloting, logistics, automation and remote networking.


We possess a unique toolbox of skills, know-how and technology supported by certifications, an established global vendor chain, and 30 years of experience across diversified water markets. Purifics' principals have been designing, building and implementing ceramic membrane systems since 1990.

LT2ESWTR Compliant

30 Patents & Patents Pending

ANSI 61 Certified


Affiliations, Association, R&D

Purifics is committed to innovation and involved with ongoing research and development in continuous outreach.

Manufacturing, Shipping & Training

Purifics designs, builds, integrates and tests your water purification system at our facility. The system is operational prior to shipment which reduces logistics, cost, time and risk during installation and startup. The client receives hands-on training with the actual equipment prior to delivery.

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