Chemical Free De-Watering Recovery System

                  is a chemical free De-Watering Recovery System with ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), a small footprint and very low energy requirement and has been recovering contaminants as a product or concentrate for reuse since 2015.

Fully automated

>99% duty

Size based on load

Full filtrate recovery

Chemical free

Small footprint

UL certified for NSF/ANSI 61

100% duty free

Low life cycle cost

25 year life

Essentially full separation & recovery of water and solids

Recovers product in thick concentrate (20% range)

Low energy requirement

Bill 100% of water drawn

Features & Benefits

No cleaning procedure

Labor free

No chemicals

No backwash

No consumables

No thickeners

No tankage

No settling pond

No filter press

ZLD Process

                 recovers fluids such as water that are rich in solid contaminate or second phase constitute. Contaminates are filtered and separated into sludge with a slump or as a neat product. The heart of                   consists of proprietary ceramic membrane technology.

Superior Capabilities

                  solids and residuals are recovered at 20%, allowing for essentially full recovery of both the water and the solids. The solids can be organic (DOC), biomass, bacteria, and/or metals in any combination for which the water is removed until the solid forms a sludge with a slump. There are no chemicals, consumables, or labor involved in the                  process which eliminates most costs (>95%) associated with traditional concentrate wastewater management and disposal methods.