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Press Release: Contract Award

Jan 15, 2024

Contract Award; Water Purification System for Arsenic Removal with ZLD

Purifics has been contracted to supply a Cuf  (Continuous Ultra-Filtration) drinking water system for the removal Arsenic well below the MCLs.

The heart of the Cuf  process is the no-end of life SiC membranes which eliminates the need for Media and its associated replacement cost and logistics.

This M36 Cuf system has a capacity of 500 gpm with 100% water efficiency, which is better known as Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). This is Purifics 12th Drinking Water Plant based on the Cuf process. The system will be operational in late 2024.

Unique features of this installation and solution are:

  • The ground water temperature is 135°F. 

  • ZLD is achieved using the DeWRS process, which is chemical and labor free. It uses SiC ceramic membranes to de-water the Arsenic laden solids to nominally 20%.

  • The Arsenic laden Sludge from the DeWRS passes the TCLP and therefore can be disposed of in a standard landfill.

  • 75% of the Arsenic is As(III) but it is removed by the Cuf  without pre-oxidation (No Chlorine is required).

  • Fully automated, no direct operator involvement and no pH adjustment.

  • Total Operating Cost is $0.08/1000 gal.

  • Typical Plant Layout shown below.

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