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Oct 16, 2023

Currently in production and nearing completion are two Chemical Free Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP+) called Photo-Cat for water purification.

This GREEN photocatalytic process is used to destroy 1,4-dioxane, and other forever chemicals of concern in water. Photo-Cat destroys contaminants of concern that other AOPS cannot and has a proven operational history of 30 years

Photo-Cat System in Production, Completion Q4 2023

Upon completion of the Photo-Cat systems and prior to taking delivery, the client visits Purifics for hands-on training and Factory Acceptance. The pre-packaged turn-Key systems are then shipped and placed on site. It’s then ready for startup. Photo-Cat systems are equipped with remote access for operation, training, and support over the operational life of the installed systems.

Purifics specializes in cutting-edge water purification solutions to meet the needs of a better, greener world with lower OPEX and CAPEX at essentially 100% water efficiency and zero waste.



Purifics will discuss ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) equipment in production which eliminates drying beds, chemicals, filter presses and more

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