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Nov 13, 2023

Currently in production are DeWRS (De-Watering Recovery System) a chemical and labour free, ceramic membrane process to De-Water solids

The extremely low energy and durable DeWRS process recovers both the water and solids. The solids can be organic (DOC), biomass, silt, or metals in any combination from which the water is removed until the solid forms a slump. The recovered water or filtrate is available for its end use such as drinking water.

DeWRS D80 Under Construction, Completion Q1 2024

Conventional Solutions for dewatering require chemicals (polymer), labor, consumables, and high maintenance. These are eliminated with the DeWRS process. The elimination of these obsolete process inputs further contributes to the unmatched reduction in the operating and capital cost structures of the DeWRS process vs alternatives. Proven performance offering 100% water efficiency.

DeWRS D160 Under Construction, Completion Q1 2024



On-Site Pilot Verification

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