Membrane Integrity Verification Webinar

April 1, 2021 via Zoom

Membrane integrity verification is a key requirement for the purification of surface water in drinking water production. The common methods to verify membrane integrity, which are clearly identified in the US EPA Membrane Filtration Guidance Manual, are Pressure and Marker based. These are commonly referred to as LT2ESWTR.


The Marker based method is much more desirable to apply for the following reasons:

  1. It is a simpler test to perform

  2. It provides a more accurate verification


However, there is a lack of awareness and is not well understood. A key advantage of the marker method is that “A marker based direct integrity test can be viewed as a ‘Mini Challenge Study’ ” (Section 4.7.5 EPA Membrane Filtration Guidance Manual). Until recently, marker-based methods were high cost but now are only $0.06/DIT test.


This presentation is of interest to operators, regulators and consulting engineers. The presentation will address regulatory acceptance, methodology using commercially installed systems, identify how to apply under the LT2 regulations and address recent ceramic membrane installations where the Marker Method DIT is applied.


Join us on April 1, 2021 as we take a dive into the differences between the Pressure based Method and Marker Method, common misunderstandings, operation and maintenance.

Webinar Schedule

1 pm EST: Part 1: Regulatory Requirements  
           Q&A Period
1:30 pm EST: Part 2: Membrane Integrity Operation
           Q&A Period

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