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Complete Water Purification Based on Unique Ceramic Membrane Processes

Better water at lower cost. 

Complete FDR Solutions

Purifics' established Filter, Destroy and Recover (FDR) approach purifies water from source to end use, producing better water at lower cost in municipal, industrial and reuse markets.

Highest Capacity

Membrane Modules in the World

Purifics has been refining ceramic membrane technology for 30 years. These refinements have advanced ceramic membrane (5th Generation) and process technologies to provide economical and environmental benefits, complexity reduction, long life and superior performance.

Membrane Modules

Complexity Reduction

The FDR approach is complemented by having reduced complexity, lower CapEx & OpEx, eliminates treatment train processes (the platform is the plant) and reduces system footprint by >50%. The system is automated with remote control, data logging and video. It reduces overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Markets Served

Purifics can help resolve your water and fluid challenges by:

     1. Diagnosing the problem

     2. Demonstrating and verifying the solution

     3. Deploying the complete water purification solution

industrial, municipal and drinking water
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