Purifics Water Purification
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CUF is a durable and robust SiC ceramic hydrophilic membrane process that FILTERS contaminants, reduces complexity & chemicals, and eliminates membrane replacement.

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In-Line DOA

Efficient in-line Dissolved Oxygen Addition in the stoichiometric range.

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Photo-Cat is a Photo-Catalytic AOP+ that DESTROYS chemicals in water without chemical oxidants. It has the highest oxidation (& reduction) potential and no UVT dependence.

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In-Line pH

Precise in-line pH adjustment with PID control.

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DeWRS is a DeWatering Recovery System that achieves Zero Liquid Discharge.  It RECOVERS the water and the solids as a produce or concentrate for reuse or alternatives.

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In-Line Disinfection

On-board in-line primary & secondary disinfection.

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Water Purification Technology