Purifics Water Purification
  • Industrial Reuse

    CANDU Nuclear Reactor: Heavy water contaminated with organic compounds purified chemical free.

  • Drinking Water

    This 1 MGD automated facility destroys 1,4-dioxane and cVOCs chemical free in a Southern US municipality.

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  • Water ReUse

    Nitroglycerine destruction and VOC air emission prevention at a USN Propellant Annealing facility through water reuse.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil, particulate and hardness removal and recovery.

  • Drinking Water from Groundwater

    THM & HAA Precursor, DOC, Iron and Color Removal with Zero Liquid Discharge.

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  • Industrial

    Groundwater Remediation
    Solvent Filtration
    H2S Removal

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  • Drinking Water

    1 MGD plant for metals removal

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  • RO Pretreatment using CUF for Drinking Water

    Fluoride, Nitrate and Arsenic removal using CUF and RO.

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Our Complete Water Purification systems are pre-designed, integrated, automated, sustainable, include full system controls and are fully engineered by our diverse team of professionals. We have identified the myriad of challenges facing the water treatment and purification industry and are commited to deploying the complete and ultimate solution.

Our technology has been refined over 25+ years through our applications experience and through an investment of 15% of annual revenue on research and development. With 26 patents and patents pending, Purifics successfully delivers market-disruptive technology that offers new degrees of freedom to water industry professionals.

Our single platform solutions purify all contaminants and eliminate most if not all chemicals from the purification process. The unprecedented performance and purification levels are complemented by having reduced complexity, CapEx & OpEx cost reduction of 80-90% and eliminating treatment train processes, chemicals, impurity and safety hazards.

All systems are built on skid platforms, include automation, controls, PLC and SCADA systems and have world wide support.

Solving problems others cannot.

Delivering complete, durable, chemical free water purification solutions.

The Purifics Advantage

  • Purify All Contaminants
  • Fully Integrated
  • Eliminates Chemicals
  • Audited not Operated
  • Controls Included
  • Off-grid or Grid-neutral
  • Small Footprint
  • Complexity Reduction
  • World Wide Support
  • CapEx & OpEx Reduction of >90%


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