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  • Drinking Water Purification System for Village of Granisle, BC

Drinking Water Purification System for Village of Granisle, BC

September 28th, 2018

Purifics Water, Inc. has been awarded a $1,321,000 contract for the Village of Granisle, British Columbia for a drinking water purification system.  The drinking water plant will consist of dual M36 CUF® systems (Ceramic Ultra-Filtration). Each CUF system has a capacity of 1 Mega Litre/day (0.25 MGD) with 100% growth capability in the same platform.

The Lake Babine Water Treatment Plant will include construction of a new water treatment building, two ceramic membrane systems, primary and secondary disinfection, a new clear well, new pumping system and tie into the existing distribution systems. 

The CUF® process will remove color, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and Cryptosporidium from Lake Babine, the raw water source for the Village. The CUF® systems will reduce DOC to less than 1.0 mg/l (which eliminates THM & HAA formation concerns), true color to less than five TCU, and exceed the regulatory requirement of three log removal credits (LRVs) for Cryptosporidium.

Unique features of the CUF process are as follows: 1/ it eliminates the need for pre-treatment which is a very expensive requirement for conventional membrane water purification plants; and 2/ it allows for the use of free chlorine for both primary and residual disinfection at near residual disinfection levels and eliminates the need and cost of UV.

The CUF® system offers a completely integrated solution with the benefits of SCADA, self-sufficiency, autonomy of spares sourcing, reduced system complexity, and proven durability, that is easy to operate because of its simplicity.

Progressive Ventures Construction has been selected to build the new water Plant.  According to a Village of Granisle press release, Progressive Ventures will be working closely with WSP, the Consulting Engineering firm for the project.

Brian Butters, President of Purifics, stated that “the Granisle installation will be our first in British Columbia, but the seventh Purifics ceramic membrane system installed in a North American drinking water facility.”  Butters noted that Purifics has installations in several states in the U.S, including Vicksburg, MS and at the Artesian Water Company in Delaware.


Purifics has been developing and applying ceramic ultra-filtration since 1993 and invests a significant portion of its annual revenues in R&D. Purifics has achieved 5th generation ceramic membrane technology and process innovation with proven performance in the CUF® process (Ceramic Ultra-Filtration). This is a quantum leap forward in membrane filtration, yielding benefits other membrane processes cannot match in terms of comparative performance.  Gen5 is the integration of unmatched advanced technology attributes to achieve; low TMP & X-flow pressures, an order of magnitude high flux and the resistance or elimination of fouling mechanisms. The CUF® ceramic membrane process is a robust, durable design that eliminates concerns of wear, fracture, thermal shock, high parts count, organic bonding, channeling, and energy.

For more information, contact Purifics at 519-473-5788 or email info@purifics.com.

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