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  • Drinking Water Purification System for Bowen Island Municipality, BC

Drinking Water Purification System for Bowen Island Municipality, BC

March 5th, 2020

On February 26, Purifics Water, Inc. of London, Ontario received a $1,636,000 contract awarded by Bowen Island Municipality, British Columbia, for a drinking water purification system.  The drinking water plant consists of a DM36 Cuf ® system integrated with Purifics’ dewatering process, DeWRS. Together, Cuf (Ceramic Ultra-Filtration) and DeWRS give the plant a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) capability. The Cuf system will have a 1,200 m3/day average daily flow and 2,400 m3/day peak flow rate.

The Cuf system is much more than just a filter, it is the plant. It performs ultra-coagulation which produces better-quality water at lower cost and eliminates all pre and post treatments. Finally, the purified water is discharged to a new clear well tank prior to distribution to consumers in the Municipality. 

The Cuf ® system offers a completely integrated solution with the benefits of SCADA, self-sufficiency, autonomy of spares sourcing, reduced system complexity, and proven durability that is easy to operate due to its simplicity. Cuf systems operate themselves and only require monitoring.

The Cove Bay Water Treatment Plant is being built to provide additional purification treatment of the raw water source.  This added capability will achieve the recommendation of the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) to use improved treatment methods for Cove Bay Water.  The Cuf process will remove color, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), TSS, Cryptosporidium and other pathogens from the raw water.

Grafton Lake, on Bowen Island, gravity feeds raw water directly to the Cuf providing additional environmental and economic benefit.  The Cuf ® system will reduce Total Organic Carbon (TOC) to <1.0 mg/l to eliminate trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids (THM & HAA) formation concerns, true color to <5 Total Color Units (TCU), and exceed the regulatory requirement of >3 log removal credits (LRVs) for Cryptosporidium.

According to the Bowen Island Municipality website, WSP Engineering has been hired to manage this project and the selected prime contractor will construct the water treatment plant.

Brian Butters, President of Purifics, stated that “the Bowen Island installation will be our second British Columbia drinking water installation and our eighth in North America, with more are on the way. I believe Purifics has clearly established itself as the industry leader for drinking water purification using Ceramic Ultra-Filtration.”  Brian noted that Purifics has several drinking water installations in the U.S, including two in Mississippi, two in Texas, and individual facilities in Delaware and New Jersey.

Purifics has been developing and applying Ceramic Ultra-Filtration since 1993 and invests a significant portion of its annual revenues in R&D. Purifics has achieved 5th generation ceramic membrane technology and process innovation with proven performance in the Cuf ® process (Ceramic Ultra-Filtration). This is a quantum leap forward in membrane filtration, yielding benefits other membrane processes cannot match in terms of comparative performance.  Gen5 is the integration of unmatched advanced technology attributes to achieve low TMP & X-flow pressures, an order of magnitude higher flux than those of other suppliers, and the resistance or elimination of fouling mechanisms. The Cuf ® ceramic membrane process is a robust, durable design that eliminates concerns of wear, fracture, thermal shock, high parts count, organic bonding, channeling, and energy.


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