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August 21st, 2019

The South Central Membrane Association is having its annual conference and expo. This year's theme is "Finding a Path Through the Membrane Maze". Purifics presentations include Wednesday, August 21 @ 1:00PM - Surface Water Purification Without Pre-Treatment Using Ceramic Membranes Friday, August 23 @ 10:30A…


November 3rd, 2019

Join Purifics at the National Water and Wastewater Conference , the national conference of the Canadian Water & Wastewater Association. Tony Powell will present "Purification of Storm Water & Urban Run-Off for Reuse Using Ceramic Membrane Technology" on Monday, November 4 @ 10:30AM Brian Butters will present &q…


March 17th, 2020

Visit Purifics booth 308 at MTC20 in Phoenix AZ. Brian Butters will be participating as an expert during the Experts in the Round session.…

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