Purifics Water Purification

Company Profile

Purifics is a water purification technologies firm that provides Complete Water Purification Solutions worldwide with sustainable, economic and environmental advantages based on market-disruptive technology.

Combining 25 years of diverse applications experience, and investing 15% of annual revenue on research and development, Purifics has simplified the water purification process by using the integrated FDR Approach: Filter, Destroy and Recover for all contaminants without creating waste water (Zero Liquid Discharge).

Our pre-designed and packaged systems offer new degrees of freedom for the customer by 1) eliminating the need for multiple suppliers, 2) simplifying the installation, and 3) guaranteeing results.

Call Purifics to help you identify your challenge, design and build an effective, compact and durable solution to your problem.

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Our Mission

Provide unique and sustainable solutions to purify, condition and control water for economic and environmental advantage.


Our Vision

Purify water without adding anything to the water or the environment.


Company Highlights

  • Celebrating 25 Years in Business Providing Solutions and Equipment to Satisfied Customers Globally
  • Dedicate 15% annual revenue to research and design
  • Comprehensive System Solution Providers
  • 26 Patents and Patents Pending
  • Expert Systems
  • Energy Systems


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In-House Bench Testing

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On-Site Pilot Testing

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