Celebrating 20 Years of Water Purification

       Purify, Condition & Control Water with
               Unique Economic & Environmental Advantage

       Sustainable Water Purification,
                Chemical Free, Waste Free,
                       with Low Lifecycle Cost.

Capability Purification Capability

        Chemicals, Biological Contaminants, Oil, Metals, Hardness,
               Complexity Reduction, Chemical Free Oxidation + more

                      Water Purification



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Purifics is a licensed engineering firm and a knowledge based business.  Since 1993, the company has been providing unique engineered systems, solutions and products for remedial, industrial and municipal sectors.  Our 18,000 sq. foot facility features modern offices, design, production, laboratory and automation departments.  

Our proprietary know how, experience and technologies enable Purifics to design, manufacture and deploy water purification solutions that support sustainable development. We focus on low life cycle cost, reducing complexity and minimizing risk.  Our product pedigree was initiated by solving difficult high purity water challenges for the nuclear industry; a business practice that continues to this day. Purifics maintains an active R&D program.

ES Advantage Environmental Systems Energy Systems Expert Systems  

Purifics’ solutions are configured to meet the needs of virtually any fluid purification, conditioning and control challenge.
Our Application Engineering is supported with In-House and On-Site verification systems.


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